Savvy Feeder - Factory 2nd with minor scratches

From time to time, we have a few factory 2nd feeders that have  minor scratches or minimal blemishes. You are welcome to call us to discuss the particular blemish and have a picture texted to you before you buy. Just call us at 701-793-7289. All factory 2nds work perfectly. All defects are superficial. If the inventory says 0, please check back in a week or so, or give us a call to see when we might be getting more in. 12-6-18 update: We have 1 tan Savvy Feeder with a medium grate. The top of the grate has an orange peel type of  texture, which does not affect performance or longevity.




Savvy Feeder - Factory 2nd with minor scratches
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  • Item #: factory 2nd
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