Savvy Feeder - Factory 2nd with minor blemishes

From time to time, we have a few factory 2nd feeders that have  minor scratches or minimal blemishes. You are welcome to call us to discuss the particular blemish and have a picture texted to you before you buy. Just call us at 701-793-7289. All factory 2nds work perfectly and are safe. All defects are superficial. If the inventory says 0, please check back in a week or so, or give us a call to see when we might be getting more in.

Update 1.20.20 - we have

Dark gray

1) large grate

1) small grate


1) medium grate

1) small grate

Please write what color and size of grate opening you would like in the special instructions section of your order.






Savvy Feeder - Factory 2nd with minor blemishes
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